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Madame Gu Yacht - A Majestic Superyacht

An award winning luxury superyacht, the Madame Gu was built by Feadship and was launched in the year 2013. The yacht showcases a contemporary design with a classical elegance. This luxurious superyacht was designed by renowned yacht designers Andrew Winch Designs. Find out more about this exquisite Dutch yacht, its features and specifications, and what makes it so unique.

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Madame Gu Yacht

Madame Gu owner – Who owns the superyacht?

Russian Owner of Madame Gu Yacht

Andrei Skoch is the proud owner of the Madame Gu yacht. According to Forbes, this Russian billionaire was among the top 100 richest billionaires in the world in 2012.

Skoch is a part owner of Lebedinsky Mining, a steelmaker based in Russia. Since 1999 Skoch has been a member of the (SDRF) State Duma of the Russian Federation. The Bloomberg report states that Andrei Skoch is known to have an estimated net worth of $8.8 billion as of 2021.

“Talk about the most beautiful luxury superyacht, and Madame Gu is surely on that list.”

According to reports, Andrei Skoch is still known to own the Madame Gu yacht as of March 2022. Being a private yacht, the Madame Gu is unavailable for charter by other individuals. Perhaps if you are keen on renting a private yacht that poses similar specs and features, make sure to our yacht rental in Dubai.

Madame Gu yacht price

This superyacht is currently registered in the Cayman Islands and is valued at an estimated $156 million. Being a one of a kind superyacht, the price gradually keeps increasing over the years. During its launch the Madame Gu was purchased by Andrei Skoch for a reported $100 million.



Current location and sanctions on the Madame Gu

Current Location of the Madame Gu luxury yacht

The Madame Gu yacht was famously found in several different locations over the years. However, post the Russia-Ukraine war, the yacht was officially sanctioned by multiple nations. These include, the United States, UK, European Union, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Australia.

This luxury superyacht was first found in the UAE on the 6th of March 2022, and continues to be docked at the Port of Dubai (coordinates 25.27035° / 55.27238°). It is currently docked next to ‘Dubai’ which is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s own private yacht.

When deemed a blocked property, the United States Department of Treasury made some notable observations regarding the yacht amenities. The superyacht is known to have an elevator, a full-equipped gym, an indoor club, and a private helicopter. A reported $1 million dollars was spent for the repainting, and servicing of the yacht before its arrival in Dubai.

Other locations where the Madame Gu was previously spotted are Antibes, Abu Dhabi, Monaco, and Capri.

“Madame Gu is the perfect superyacht that glorifies wealth and opulence.”

Features, specifications and other key highlights of the Madame Gu superyacht

Madame Gu Superyacht

The Madame Gu is a superyacht with a length of 324 ft. (99.0 meters). It has a beam length of 44.6 ft. (13.6 meters) and a draft of 15.0 ft. (4.6 meters). The Gross Tonnage (GT) of the Madame Gu is 2,991 GT.

Madame Gu’s naval architecture was created by De Voogt Naval Architects. This massive superyacht is currently listed in the 75th position among the largest superyachts in the world. Feadship has stated that the Madame Gu is the 5th largest yacht they have built.

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To give you an insight into the features, specifications and other highlights of this luxurious superyacht, check out the tables mentioned below:

Madame Gu yacht Accommodation Details
Number of cabins 1 Master cabin and 5 Guest suites
Total crew onboard 36 member crew
Number of cabins for crew 18 crew cabins
Total of number of guests 12 guests

In order to ensure a seamless operation of the yacht, a team of 36 members continuously maintain the Madame Gu. Enroute international voyages the crew travel along with the passengers and are provided dedicated crew cabins within the yacht.

Engine, Propulsion and Performance specs of the Madame Gu yacht
Engine manufacturer MTU, Germany
Model type 20V 4000 M73
Fuel Diesel
Number of engines 4 units
Total KW power 14401
Total Horsepower 19312
Number of propellers 2 propellers
Maximum speed 24.0 knots of speed
Total fuel capacity 250,000 liters
Total water capacity 50,000 liters

The Madame Gu packs in four massive diesel powered engines producing a total horsepower of 19,312 hp. Yet the speed of this superyacht still remains to max out at 24.0 knots. This is mainly due to the sheer size and weight of the superyacht. Perhaps considering the speed of superyachts in general, the Madame Gu is relatively faster.

Builder, Port of Origin, Designers of the Madame Gu yacht
Builder of the Madame Gu Feadship
Port of origin Makkum, Netherlands
Year order and launched Ordered in 2011, launched in 2013
Naval architecture De Voogt Naval Architects
Exterior and Interior Design by Winch Designs
Other Basic Details pertaining to Madame Gu yacht
Hull material Steel structure
Superstructure of Madame Gu Aluminum body
Type of yacht Motor
Hull type of the Madame Gu Monohull yacht
Class registered Lloyd’s Register
Hull configuration of Madame Gu Displacement Hull

All the above mentioned tables provide an insight into the features, performance and other specifications of the Madame Gu yacht.

Notable acclamation

In the year 2014, the Madame Gu yacht was awarded the title “Superyacht of the Year 2014.” It also received an award for the best Yacht Displacement Motor of 2,000 Gross Tonnage at the World Superyachts Award Gala held in Amsterdam.

“The Madame Gu is undoubtedly a stunning superyacht that showcases extravagance and elegance.”

Russian superyacht Madame Gu

Operated under the ownership of Andrei Skoch, Russian Oligarch and steel business tycoon, the Madame Gu is an exceptionally beautiful multi-million dollar superyacht.

What sets it apart from other superyachts, is its long hull, sleek stance, blue and white color scheme, and notable exterior feature, the helipad. For an extended period of time post Russia-Ukraine the yacht was known to be in hiding. However, the speculations came to an end, when the Madame Gu was finally spotted at Port Rashid in Dubai.


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