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Ionian yacht - Explore This Luxurious American Yacht

Built by United States shipbuilder Palmer Johnson in collaboration with naval architect Christensen, the Ionian yacht showcases a simple yet elegant design. It was delivered in the year 2005 and has since been recognized for its sophisticated features and exceptionally designed interior. Let’s take a look at the yacht in detail and find out who owns the Ionian yacht.

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Ionian Yacht

Ionian yacht owner – Who owns an Ionian yacht?

The owner of the Ionian yacht has not been publicly disclosed. The sale was initiated by IYC representatives Mark Elliott and Matthew Stone. Ionian gained popularity through the reality show Below Deck.

Amenities, features, and performance specifications of the Ionian yacht

Ionian Yacht Owner

Refitted in the year 2021, the Ionian yacht, also known as the Ionian princess yacht, is equipped with the latest technologies. We have elaborated on each aspect of the yacht in detail for you to get an elaborate insight into it.

  • Dimension of the Ionian princess yacht
  • Yacht Ionian interior and exterior
  • Performance of the Ionian princess yacht

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Dimension of the Ionian princess yacht

The complete length of the Ionian is measured at 150 ft. (45.7 meters). It has a waterline length of 135.7 ft. (41.3 meters). The beam length measures a total of 27.1 ft. (8.53 meters). The draught max is 8.2 ft. (2.5 meters).

Other measurements, such as the gross tonnage and full load displacement, are measured at 460 GT and 470 units accordingly.

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Yacht Ionian interior and exterior

The anonymous Ionian yacht owner had requested for the yacht to be refitted with a range of different facilities in the interior. Some of the latest additions to the yacht include a deck jacuzzi, a fully equipped Wi-Fi network, automatic climate control, and a gym. The interior of the Ionian was designed by Setzer Design Group.

It features 6 specially designed luxurious suites. These cabins can accommodate a total of 12 guests comfortably. It also has one custom-made executive cabin finished with the top-notch furnishings and materials.

The cabins are classified as 1 twin bed cabin, 3 double cabins, 1 master suite, and 1 luxury executive suite. The total number of crew-members onboard includes 9 highly trained staff with 4 specially designed cabins for them.

Ionian Yacht Price

Exterior aesthetics of the yacht

The exterior of the Ionian yacht features a relatively straightforward design. Nothing on the yacht is out or beyond the ordinary. The color tone throughout the yacht is a clean white finish. You will notice the long panoramic windows from the exterior, which bring in an ample amount of natural light.

Some of the other notable features on the exterior of the yacht include an open jacuzzi on the top deck with a round-table dining area. It also has six beach loungers for passengers to relax and enjoy the splendid views.

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Performance of the Ionian princess yacht

Compared to other yachts of similar dimensions, the Ionian princess yacht performs exceptionally well. Powered by two 12V 396 TE94 configured MTU engines, the yacht produces a total horsepower of 4080. The fuel type of these engines is diesel which contributes to the refined power generation capabilities.

It can reach a maximum sailing speed of 18.1 knots with an average speed of 12.1 knots. The claimed distance of travel or range of the yacht is calculated at 2,000 nautical miles.

Ionian yacht highlights – A quick look at all the details of this splendid yacht

Having mentioned some of the top features and performance specs of the Ionian superyacht. Here is an elaborate breakdown of details pertaining to the Ionian 150 yacht.

Detailed highlights of the Ionian superyacht
Ionian yacht owner Undisclosed
The engine of the Ionian MTU configured 12V 396 TE94 engine
KW power generation 1,521 Kilowatts from individual units

3,042 combined power output of two motors

Horsepower produced 2,040 hp generated by each diesel engine

The total horsepower generated is 4,080

The total range of the Ionian 2,000 nautical miles
Achievable top speed 18.1 knots of max speed
Recommended cruising speed 12.1 knots of cruising speed
Superstructure and hull materials of the yacht GRP material
Hull category and configuration Mono hull with
Ionian water capacity 1,495 gallons (5,677 liters)
Fuel capacity of the Ionian 9,998 gallons (37,850 liters)
Gross tonnage of the yacht 460 GT
The overall length of Ionian 45 meters (150 ft.)
Length measured at waterline 41 meters (135 ft.)
Beam and draught max measure 8.5 meters and 2.5 meters, respectively
Maximum guest capacity It can capacitate a maximum number of 12 guests
Guest cabins onboard the Ionian 6 luxury cabins

3 double cabins, 1 master suite, 1 twin bed cabin, and 1 luxury executive suite

Crew members and cabins onboard 9 crew members and 4 crew cabins
Naval architecture Christensen Shipyards, LLC.
Interior designer Donald Starkey Designs
Exterior designer Setzer Design Group
Year of build Built-in 2005
Refitting year Refitted in 2021

Price of yacht Ionian

$12,90,000 million dollars was the cost of building this beautiful luxury yacht. This price, as compared to other superyachts, seems fairly less, but the designers haven’t cut corners, providing everything a yacht needs.

Yacht location of Ionian

As per the Automatic Identification System (AIS) report, the yacht was last seen in the North Atlantic ocean. This data was recorded on November 16th, 2022. The current coordinates as per AIS are coordinates 26.09758 N / 80.16813 W.

It has been noted that the yacht is currently enroute to an unknown location. Cruising speeds have been recorded at 230.1° / 0.0 knots (course/speed). The Ionian Princess yacht is currently sailing under the Jamaican flag.

Who owns Ionian Yacht

A clean and sophisticated yacht

The Ionian superyacht poses a clean and sophisticated design both on the exterior and interior. It showcases refined craftsmanship and uses top-notch quality materials in every single cabin. Guests cruising onboard this yacht can enjoy a host of amenities on the interior, including a relaxing time at the open deck Jacuzzi.

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