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All You Need to Know About Dot Calm Yacht

The Dot Calm yacht also known as The One yacht was built by Italian builders, Ferretti Yachts. This luxury yacht was completed and delivered in 2010. The yacht has gained notable fame over the years, due to exceptional performance and design. Therefore, we explore the Dot Calm yacht in detail, to give you an elaborate insight into it.

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Dot Calm Yacht

Dot Calm yacht: Explore this luxurious and famous yacht

Dot Calm is the former name of The One yacht. At the time of its manufacturing the yacht was ranked at the 7168th position of the largest watercrafts in the world. According to the builders, the Dot Calm yacht is their 46th-largest yacht. The yacht features a rather straightforward design on its exterior but has a noteworthy interior.

In 2021, the yacht was sold to a new owner. It is unknown as to what the price of the yacht was during the sale. However, we can only speculate that the price was upwards of $10 million based on its specifications and features.

Dot calm yacht price

Specification and other details of the Dot Calm yacht

To understand the Dot Calm yacht in detail we must first take a closer look at every aspect of it. Therefore, the following are the four main components to look at to understand the uniqueness of the Dot Calm yacht.

  • Exterior of the Dot Calm yacht
  • Interior of the Dot Calm yacht
  • Performance of the Dot Calm yacht
  • Dimensions of the Dot Calm yacht

Exterior of the Dot Calm yacht

Designed by Zuccon International Project the Dot Calm yacht features a sleek and stylish exterior. It has a total of 2 decks with plenty of outdoor deck space to enjoy the scenic views. The naval structure of the ship was conceptualized by Ferretti Yachts.

Dot Calm yacht interior

Interior of the Dot Calm yacht

The interior of the Dot Calm yacht was also designed by Zuccon International Project. It features a cozy interior design with contemporary style furniture. There are a total of 6 cabins with 4 guest suites and 2 crew cabins. The Dot Calm yacht can accommodate up to 11 passengers, including 3 crew members.

Overall, it has a pretty spacious interior with plenty of amenities to enjoy a comfortable trip out in the seas.


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Performance of the Dot Calm yacht

When it comes to yacht performance, the Dot Calm yacht delivers exceptional results. It is powered by two diesel MTU 16V 2000 M91 engines. Each engine produces up to 2030 hp, resulting in a total output of 4060 hp.

Subsequently, the kilowatt power generated by each individual motor is 1514 units with a total kilowatt generation of 3028 units. All of this power helps propel the Dot Calm yacht to a maximum speed of 29 knots.

The average cruising speed of the yacht is maintained at 26 knots. In order to achieve a travel distance of 300 nautical miles you will have to cruise at a speed of 18 knots.

Dot Calm yacht location

Dimensions of the Dot Calm yacht

The Dot Calm yacht measures at a total length of 88.8 ft. (27.03 meters). Its length at the waterline is 72.8 ft. (22.16 meters). The beam of the Dot Calm measures 22.1 ft. (6.73 meters) while the draught max measure is 6.8 ft. (2.03 meters).

Overall, the Dot Calm features a relatively decent size, which makes it a pretty desirable yacht to cruise on.

A quick look at the Dot Calm yacht

We have provided you with an elaborate explanation of the various aspects of the Dot Calm yacht to better understand its dynamics and features. Therefore, to quickly brush up on its specifications, here’s a table to guide you through it.

Dot Calm yacht specifications
Dot calm yacht engine MTU Diesel 16V 2000 M91 X 2
Horsepower produced 2030 horsepower per engine
4060 horsepower combined power
Kilowatt produced 1514 Kw per engine
3028 Kw combined power
Cruising speed 26 knots
Maximum speed 29 knots
Cruising speed and range 18 knots of speed, 300 nautical miles
Water capacity 348.9 gallons (1,321 liters)
Fuel capacity 2,377.54 gallons (9,000 liters)
Total number of guests onboard 8 guests onboard
Total number of crew members onboard 3 crew members
Crew cabins onboard the Dot Calm yacht 2 crew cabins
Guest suites onboard the Dot Calm yacht 4 guest cabins
Number of decks 2 decks
Type and subtype of the yacht Motor yacht, Flybridge – Subtype
Hull configuration and type Planning hull configuration, Monohull yacht
Exterior and Interior designers Zuccon International Project
Naval Architects Ferretti Yachts
Superstructure and hull of the yacht GRP material
Gross tonnage of yacht Dot Calm 117 GT
Beam measure of the yacht 6.73 meters (22.1 ft.)
Overall length of the yacht 27.03 meters (88.8 ft.)
Length at the waterline 22.16 meters (72.8 ft.)
Draught max measure of the yacht 2.03 meters (6.8 ft.)
Port of origin Forli port
Builders of the yacht Ferretti Yachts
Country of manufacture Italy
Year of launch 2010

Location of yacht Dot Calm

The exact coordinates of the Dot Calm yacht are 25.76766°/-80.13887°. This indicates that the yacht is currently docked at the port of Miami. The location of the yacht has been updated by an AIS source based in Fort Lauderdale. It currently operates under the flag of Cayman Islands.

Dot Calm yacht features

Dot Calm yacht: A simple and elegant luxury yacht

To enjoy a pleasant cruise, all you need is an excellent yacht, and that is how we would describe the Dot Calm yacht. With all its features combined with its design, the Dot Calm yacht is nothing short of being simple and elegant.

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