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Charter Yachts in Dubai That Feature a Classic Interior

The yachting community in Dubai has expressed their interest and appreciation towards classic yacht interiors. Many renowned yacht builders offer their yachts with classic interiors as opposed to contemporary designs. Perhaps, there is a reason why people prefer classic yacht interiors which we are here to explore and delve into.

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Classic Yacht Interior options

What are classic yacht interiors?

Classic yacht interiors typically feature an old fashioned design. Although, there is no specified definition of a classic interior, there are certain aspects that add to the characteristic of a classic interior.

Following are some of the common aspects that are observed across different classic yacht interiors:

  • Extensive use of gold finishes
  • Furnitures that have a subtle color like white, blue or grey
  • The use of wood trim across the cabins
  • Mediterranean styled carpets or rugs
  • Inclusion of a classic chandelier
  • Old-fashioned table top lamps
  • Curved design element as opposed to edgy and straight designs

Therefore, the above mentioned are some of the most common factors you will encounter across different yachts that feature a classic interior.

Classic yacht interiors you should know about

You can hire a yacht in Dubai from us with a classic interior. Yes, you heard that right. Our fleet of premium yachts come with varied interior designs ranging from contemporary to classic. Therefore, the following are some of the most popular charter yachts in Dubai with a classic yacht interior:

  • Lioness V yacht
  • Solandge yacht
  • Namaste yacht
  • Malahne yacht
  • Amadea yacht
  • Illusion V yacht

Lioness V yacht

The Lioness V yacht was built and delivered in 2006. The interior of this exquisite yacht was penned by Argent Design. It has multiple decks that feature a classic design. Everything from the furnishings to the paint finish on the interior showcases a classic element in it.

The yacht comprises 6 guest suites that can accommodate 12 guests comfortably. In order to elevate the atmosphere in the cabins the designers choose a softer color tone to contrast with a darker border. That is that most of the furnishings are finished in a creamy color with dark black wood pillars and wall fittings.

Solandge yacht

Solandge is another ultra-luxurious superyacht. This particular watercraft is praised for its extraordinary design, uplifting the classic design cue. The yacht features a total of 5 decks, each outlined with the finest materials.

The interior of this 279 ft. yacht was created in collaboration between renowned designers Dolker & Voges and Rodriguez Interiors. There are several noteworthy aspects in the interior of Solandge yacht that we have mentioned below:

  • There are a total of 49 different variants of granite and marble used in the yacht
  • 33 different variants of wood trim is featured in the interior of the yacht
  • There is an extensive use of Gold in the interior of the Solandge
  • Yacht Solandge boasts a large and spacious interior with massive salon and bar area
  • Murano glassworks is featured across the interior
  • The yacht is equipped with a number of Schonbek chandeliers across its decks

The interior of the yacht also features another unique element known as the tree of life. It is a 50 ft. illuminated sculpture placed at the center of the lobby atrium.

Classic Yacht Interiors

Namaste yacht

Talk about the most sophisticated yacht interior, and the Namaste yacht comes to mind. Everything from the high-end leather to the most expensive marble materials are featured in the interior of this yacht.

Most of the interior is finished in high-quality wood, which is a classic design element. Paired with the wood fittings are white and cream colored furnishings that perfectly complement one another.

Overall, the interior of Namaste yacht is a refreshing place to be, with the choice of materials and their colors as well. It is an extremely welcoming interior, which is why the yacht has gained prominent recognition.


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Malahne yacht

Built in 1937, the Malahne is a 165 ft. long superyacht. The interior of this vintage yacht was designed by famous designer Guy Oliver. It was taken in for an interior refit in 2015, and now showcases a classic interior design.

Everything from the library, dining area to the lounge of the yacht was remodeled and fitted out with the latest amenities. The Malahne yacht has a total of 6 cabins which can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests.

This is one of the yachts that absolutely lives up to the tag of featuring a classic yacht interior. Overall, the Malahne yacht is exceptionally fun to cruise on.

Amadea yacht

Amadea is another fantastic superyacht built by German builders, Lürssen. The yacht was completed and delivered in 2017, and despite being a modern yacht it features a classic interior design. The interior of the Amadea yacht was conceptualized by Zuretti Interior Design.

Many yachting enthusiasts and experts have referred to this marvelous yacht as a masterpiece of the seas. The interior of this yacht is decked with some of the finest materials which include, mosaic, premium wood, silk, and crystals.

Every inch of this vessel’s interior showcases a classic design element. From the rug to the chandelier, the Amadea yacht interior is also about elevating classic styling and design cues. In order to maintain the pristine condition of this stunning interior, the yacht has a total of 36 crew members.

Illusion V yacht

Last on the list of most famous classic yacht interiors, is the Illusion V yacht. This is yet again, another fabulous superyacht that features a classic interior. Perhaps, what’s different about the Illusion V’s yacht is that the classic interior is influenced by contemporary design cues.

Designer’s Green & Mingarelli managed to create a perfect balance between contemporary shapes and classic materials and colors. The Illusion V yacht can accommodate 12 guests in six different cabins which are divided as follows:

  • One master room
  • One VIP suite
  • Three twin bed cabins
  • One double bed cabins

Overall, the dark and light contrast interior offers a sense of warmth making the interior of the Illusion V yacht a comfortable place to be.

Top Classic Yacht Interiors

Classic yacht interiors: The most premium and elegant cabins

Interior designers today are fiddling around with the idea of incorporating classic yacht interiors with modern designs. The yachts that we have mentioned above have become popular due to their extraordinary interiors among other features.

As one of UAEs top yacht rentals, we have constantly noted the rising demand for classic yacht interiors while chartering a yacht. The idea of classic interiors is that they are welcoming, showcase a sense of opulence and are vastly comfortable.


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