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All You Need to Know About Foners Yacht

Spanish-based company, Izar, delivered the Foners yacht in 2000. After 22 years of its release, the yacht still holds a significant value in the market. From a striking design to outstanding performance, there are a number of excellent features that make the Foners yacht so desirable till this day. Let us explore this European motor yacht in more detail.

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Foners Yacht

Foners yacht price

Foners yacht was recently listed for sale. The initial asking price for the yacht was $10,747,900. However, Nigel Wales who has currently listed the Foners yacht for sale has informed of price from from $10 million to $8,598,320.

Nevertheless, based on the demand, the possibilities of the price shooting up during actual sale is very much possible.

Foners yacht Price

Specifications of Foners yacht

More than twenty years since it was first released, the Foners yacht has continued to win the hearts of millions of yachting enthusiasts. This is mainly because every aspect of this vessel is undeniable. Let us find out what makes the yacht a one of a kind watercraft.

  • Foners yacht performance
  • Exterior of the yacht Foners
  • Foners yacht interior
  • Size of the Foners yacht

Foners yacht performance

The Foners yacht was built for speed and long cruises. Therefore it goes without saying that the performance of this yacht is commendable. It is powered by three water jet propulsion engines, two of which are steerable and one of them is fixed.

Although the power figures are not clear, the yacht can reach a top speed of 65 knots and can maintain a cruising speed of 15 knots. At the average cruising speed the yacht can achieve a total distance of 1,800 nautical miles.

Exterior of the yacht Foners

Design Studio Spadolini S.R.L, the company that designed the yacht had a futuristic vision. The exterior of the Foners yacht is still relevant today.

It is not strikingly different from the yachts today, but not bad for a yacht that was designed 20 plus years ago. There are a total of two decks on the yacht, and the design approach is minimalistic.

Foners Yacht Interior

Foners yacht interior

The interior of the Foners yacht was designed by Celeste Dell`Anna. It has a total of 4 cabins divided into 2 twin-bed rooms, 1 double-bed room, and one master suite. The yacht also features 3 crew cabins.

Overall, you can accommodate 8 guests and 6 crew members. Being almost two decades old, the equipment on the yacht are old fashioned but still adds to the classic characteristic of it.


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Size of the Foners yacht

Coming to the dimensions of the Foners yacht that watercraft is categorized as a mid-sized vessel. It has a total length of 41.5 meters, with a draft length of 1.5 meters and beam of length of 9.2 meters. The gross tonnage measure of the Foners yacht is 180 GT. The yacht’s waterline length is 37 meters.

Highlights of Foners yacht

It’s time to take you through a quick glance at all the features and specifications of the Foners motor yacht. Mentioned below are all the essential details regarding the Foners yacht.

Foners yacht details
Foners yacht engine 3 water jet propulsion system
Foners yacht speed (Maximum speed) 65 knots
Total achievable range of the yacht 1,800 nautical miles
Average cruising speed of the yacht 15 knots
Number of guest rooms on yacht 4 guest cabins
Number of crew rooms 3 crew cabins
Crew members on board the yacht 6 crew members
Guest accommodation capacity 8 guests in total
Total decks on the yacht 2 decks
Type & Subtype of the yacht Motor yacht type, Flybridge subtype
Interior designers of the yacht Celeste Dell`Anna
Builders of the yacht Izar
Naval architects Donald L. Blount & Associates
Exterior designers Design Studio Spadolini S.R.L
Superstructure material GRP material
Hull material Aluminum material
Port of origin San Fernando
Country Spain
Year of launch 2000

Foners yacht owner

Currently the Foners yacht is listed for sale. As we have mentioned, due to certain external factors and other economic fluctuations, the sale price has reduced by almost $1.5 million.

Therefore, it is unclear as to who owned the yacht previously, but we are positive that the yacht will sell for a better price than its current value.

Foners yacht Owner

Location of the Foners yacht

The last known location of the Foners yacht was in the west Mediterranean sea. It is currently sailing at a speed of 0.5 knots. It is unknown as to where the yacht is headed. The yacht is currently operational under the flag of Spain.

Other facts about the Foners yacht

Apart from all the details we have mentioned above, there are some other interesting facts regarding the Foners yacht that are worth noting. Following are the three facts about the yacht that you must know.

  • When it comes to the largest yachts in the world, the Foners yacht takes 1925th position. According to Izar, the builders of the yacht, the Foners yacht is their 4th largest build.
  • According to some sources the yacht was refitted in 2022. There are no updates regarding the upgrades that have been done. However, based on the fact that the yacht is up for sale, we can only assume that the upgrades are significant.
  • The Foners yacht was previously named as Fortuna. After exchanging hands post 2014, the name was then changed to Foners.

Foners yacht: An exquisite Spanish motor yacht

Our intention with this article was to bring you valuable information regarding the Foners yacht. For years, several yachting experts and enthusiasts have praised this particular yacht for its performance and overall build. Perhaps, it was time for us to shed some light on this exquisite Spanish motor yacht.

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