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Gene Chaser Yacht : Specifications, Price, Owner [2024]

luxury gene chaser yacht

Gene Chaser Yacht, previously known as Blue Ocean, is a superyacht customized by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg. Damen Yachting designed the interior and exterior of this yacht. This model is the 9th largest yacht designed by this company. It was built in the port of Antalya, Turkey, in 2020. You can find all the details and specifications about this fantastic yacht below.

About the Gene Chaser Yacht

Damen Yachting transformed the interior, exterior, and naval architecture of Blue Ocean to design the superyacht Gene Chaser. She has an overall length of 55.5m and a draught max of 2.65m. The gross tonnage of this yacht is 499 GT, and the net tonnage is 149 NT. Her crushing speed is 16 knots, and her top speed is 20 knots. Gene Chaser Yacht can accommodate 8 guests and 7 crew members in her 8 cabins. When it comes to size and design, she is just like the Benetti 164, which is a luxury Dubai yacht rental option .

gene chaser yacht

Top-quality steel hull and aluminum have been used to build The Damen YS 5009 Gene Chaser. Her massive 4 Caterpillar Inc engine is the reason for her 20 knots top speed. This superyacht can carry 230,000 liters of fuel easily. The commercial executive of Damen yachting has claimed that the Gene Chaser is all about giving support to a scientific purpose through a yacht.

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Technical Details and Specifications

Gene Chaser is equipped with advanced features and functionalities. According to Damen Yachting, the major specs of this superyacht are as follows.

Performance Capabilities Specification Figures
Cruise range 5000 nautical miles
Fuel capacity 230,000 liters
Water capacity 30,000 liters
Top speed 20 knots
Cruise speed 10 knots
Propellers 4


Yacht Dimensions Figures
Gross Tonnage (GT) 499
Beam 9.25 meters (30-foot)
Net Tonnage (NT) 149
Length of the hull 55.5 meters (180-foot)
Draught max 2.65 (8-foot)


Yacht Details Materials
Class Bureau Veritas
Superstructure Aluminum
Gene Chaser owner Dr. Jonathan Rothberg
Yacht type SteelMoto
Hull Steel
Hull Type Monohull yacht


Accommodation Capacity
Guest cabins Four
Total number of guests Eight
Number of crew Seven
Crew cabins Four

Updated Gene Chaser Yacht Location

The current Gene Chaser Yacht location is in the West Mediterranean. It is sailing under the regulations of the Marshall Islands right now as a supply tender. According to a recent update from AIS, the current coordinates of its location are 39.55902 N / 2.63027 E. On August 17, the superyacht arrived at the port of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Gene Chaser Yacht Price 2022

There is no concrete information about the actual price of Gene Chaser yacht. Yachting enthusiasts have guessed that the price is between $20 Million and $30 Million US dollars. This guess has been made because, since 2020, the year of the refitting of this superyacht, Damen Yachting did not disclose its official price. Though, according to the owner of this yacht Jonathan Rothberg, the price of the Gene Chaser Yacht can be up to $35 million US dollars after the addition of some specs and features.

gene chaser yacht in sea

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Information About Gene Chaser Yacht Owner

Dr. Rothberg is the owner of Gene Chaser superyacht. He believes that the solution to everything happening with the earth is inside the genes of this planet. Dr. Jonathan Rothberg is the inventor of Next-Gen DNA sequencing technology. He is known for his work in bringing the first genomes sequencing model into the market. His reason for getting into the yacht industry is to travel in the ocean while utilizing genes to tackle global warming

Rothberg’s existing Amels megayacht was already involved in his scientific research. The refitting of Gene Chaser was just to broaden that work and bring more pace into it. Gene Chaser yacht owner, Dr. Jonathan is also responsible for increasing the efficiency of genome sequencing while keeping it less expensive. For this work, he also received a National Media of Technology and Innovation in 2016, which was handed over to him by President Barack Obama.

Regarding the Gene Chaser, Dr. Jonathan Rothberg said,” Gene Chaser will be the tip of the spear as we deploy never-before-available technology to characterize, understand, and expand our knowledge of biodiversity and identify nature’s solutions—within her genes—to the world’s greatest existential threats.”

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg said that this superyacht is more like a “Holiday Inn Express” in which scientists can work with gene development in an outstanding environment. He also took 60 days to personalize it to become more self-sufficient. The yacht is big enough to store a Hatloy Maritime Expo AL8 landing craft and a Fjord 42. This shows that she has a huge space for storing lab equipment for scientific research.

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg customized his Blue Ocean cruise into Gene Chaser to make a full-scale laboratory over the seas. He added conference rooms and educational cabins inside where people could work on scientific discoveries about genes. The interior design of this superyacht has also been modified to accommodate modern research tools and equipment.

Gene Chaser yacht – A Yacht To Support Scientific Research

The Gene Chaser superyacht has the capability to overcome the rising issues of climate change with its latest research technologies. She is just like an advanced form of floating laboratory. According to Jonathan Rothberg, this yacht has everything that can help us know the natural solutions present in the genes of our planet and their biodiversity. In short, her main goal is to support Amels superyacht “Gene Machine” in implementing significant scientific research.

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