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Invictus Yacht

The Invictus yacht offers an abundance of luxury amenities that provide passengers with a comfortable and pleasurable cruising experience. This superyacht is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is built using refined materials. We take you on a detailed tour around the Invictus and highlight all the yacht's key features.

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Invictus Yacht

Explore yacht Invictus – Features, specifications, and more

Built by renowned American manufacturers Delta Marine, the Invictus yacht offers all the top facilities that enable seamless sailing. Everything you need on a luxurious superyacht from a modern cinema theater to a fully equipped gym is present on the Invictus.

Here’s an in-depth look at all the yacht components, interior, exterior, and more.

  • Size of the Invictus superyacht
  • Interior of the yacht – step into a luxurious floating hotel
  • The exterior of the Invictus – Simple yet regal
  • Performance of the Invictus superyacht – How fast can it go?

Be it a yacht wedding in Dubai or a birthday sailing trip, milestone events are best enjoyed at sea on a luxury vessel.

Size of the Invictus superyacht

Measuring a total length of 215 ft. (65.53 meters), this superyacht is massive in size. The waterline length of the Invictus is measured at 190.1 ft. (58.2 meters), with the beam being 42.1 ft. long (13.1 meters).

Its maximum draught measurement comes in at 12.1 ft. (3.9 meters). The gross tonnage and full-load displacement dimensions are 1943 GT and 1520, respectively.

The Invictus takes 350th position on the list of largest yachts in the world. It is the third largest yacht that was built by American builders Delta Marine.

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Interior of the yacht – step into a luxurious floating hotel

Designed by Dian Johnson Design, the interior of the Invictus superyacht showcases elegant and soothing aesthetics. It is also extremely spacious, with a total of 4 decks. There are 6 guest suites onboard the Invictus, which can easily accommodate 12 passengers.

The yacht also gets a professionally trained crew of 22 members. Overall the cabins and common areas onboard the Invictus have a classic design style with wooden flooring and cabinets. It also features dark-colored furniture in some of the cabins.

Another interesting point to note is that the yacht has wider and larger windows providing exceptional views and more natural light entering the interior.

Invictus Yacht Owner

The exterior of the Invictus – Simple yet regal

On the exterior of the yacht, you will immediately notice a very minimalistic and straightforward yacht design. It was designed by Delta Design Group, which aimed at creating a luxury yacht with a straightforward exterior look.

The designers certainly achieved that with Invictus. It has a relatively taller stance as compared to other superyachts with a clean white exterior paint finish.


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Performance of the Invictus superyacht – How fast can it go?

Powered by two modern Caterpillar Inc engines, the Invictus can reach a maximum speed of 16.8 knots. It can cruise at speeds of up to 16.1 knots which is pretty good considering the sheer dimensions of the yacht.

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Invictus yacht owner

Rick Caruso, a famous real estate mogul, is known as the owner of the Invictus yacht. He is also associated with the University of Southern California as the chairman of trustees.

Currently, the Invictus yacht is for sale with an asking price of $100 million.

Invictus yacht location – Where is the yacht now?

Invictus Yacht Location

As of November 2, 2022, the Invictus yacht is known to be located on the east coast of the United States. The last recorded coordinates of the yacht are 30.39051 N / 81.46135 W. Jacksonville, United States port, has been noted as its port of arrival. The Invictus yacht is currently operating under the Cayman Islands flag.

Highlights of the Invictus superyacht

We have listed below all the details of the Invictus yacht, including some of the highlight features.

Invictus Superyacht
Engine of the Invictus Yacht 3516B DITA Caterpillar Inc – Diesel engine
Power generated Each engine produces 2575
The total power generated by both engines combined is 5150 hp
KW generated KW generated by each motor is 1920
Total KW power generated by both engines combined is 3840
Top speed Maximum speed of 16.8 knots
Average cruising speed Cruising speed of 16.1 knots
Total water holding capacity 14,0001 gallons (52,996 Liters)
Total fuel capacity onboard 51,300 gallons (194,190 Liters)
Class of vessel Lloyd’s Register
Length of the Invictus superyacht 65.5 meters (214.1 ft. long)
Beam length 13.1 meters (42.1 ft. long)
Draft 3.9 meters (12 ft. long)
Gross Tonnage of the Invictus 1943 GT
Cabins onboard 6 Cabins in total
Crew members 22 dedicated and highly trained staff
Guests 12 guests can be accommodated
Builder of the Invictus Delta Marine
Country of origin United States
Year of launch Was launched in 2013
Exterior and naval structure Delta Design Group did the exterior and superstructure of the yacht
Interior of the Invictus The interior was designed by Diane Johnson Design
Type of Invictus hull Monohull yacht
Total number of decks on the Invictus There are 4 decks in total on the Invictus yacht

An exquisite and opulent cruising yacht

Invictus Yacht Interior

The Invictus provides exceptional features and seamless cursing. It is a luxury yacht that was built for the rich. Many celebrities are known to charter the Invictus yacht. They have been spotted vacationing on this yacht in some of the most exotic locations.

Luxury yacht rental in Dubai is a business that is constantly growing, with more and more people chartering superyachts to go on holiday trips. If you want to charter a superyacht, like an Invictus yacht, you can check out our available options.


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