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How Many Yachts in the World

It is not easy to estimate the exact number of yachts in the world because of private ownership and unregistered ones with reputable organizations. However, recent reports have estimated approximately 10,000 to 15,000 active yachts worldwide. These yachts have different purposes, from luxury and leisure to rental and commercial charters.

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how many yachts in the world

What Country Owns the Most Yachts

The United States and Europe have the most yachts because these regions have rich people who can afford ownership of yachts. However, yacht chartering, ownership, and rental are becoming increasingly popular in other areas, such as South America and Asia. Let me give you a list of countries with the most yachts in the following table so you can clearly understand which country has the highest ownership percentage.

Country Ownership (%) Average Length (m)
United States 23.6% 54
Russia 8.1% 62
Greece 6.2% 51
Turkey 5.7% 47
United Kingdom 5.4% 56
Italy 4.8% 50
United Arab Emirates 3.4% 62
Germany 3.3% 50
Saudi Arabia 3.1% 68
Australia 3.0% 52
France 2.5% 49

How Many Super Yachts Exist in the World

how many yachts in the world

According to a report published by Super Yacht Times, around 5,396 superyachts over 98 feet or 30 meters in length are active throughout the world. Besides, the report shows that 92 superyachts are out of service and do not operate in any region. Owners have completely lost about 202 superyachts since 1945, as per the report.

Who Owns the Most Yachts in the World

People living in the Middle East have luxurious lifestyles. For instance, the wealthy rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi own the most yachts in the world. In fact, millionaires and billionaires from the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Uzbekistan, and Russia own one-third (33%) of the top 200 superyachts.

What is the Largest Yacht Ever Made

The late Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Estate owns the Dilbar, one of the most remarkable yachts ever built. Launched in 2016, its record-breaking volume made it the world’s largest yacht at the time. Dilbar is a testament to its owner’s legacy and Lurssen’s shipbuilding mastery. Lurssen also holds the record for the longest yacht (Azzam).

What Is the Most Expensive Yacht in the World

how many yachts in the world

Yacht Name Price
History Supreme $4.8 Billion
Eclipse $1.5 Billion
Streets of Monaco $1 Billion
Azzam $600 Million
Motor Yacht A+ (ex-Topaz) $527 Million
Motor Yacht A $440 Million
Dubai $440 Million
Radiant $320 Million
Al Said $300 Million
Serene $300 Million

The History Supreme yacht is the world’s priciest yacht, costing $4.8 billion. Its value comes from the extensive use of precious metals and unique materials in its construction. Stuart Hughes, known for his expertise in transforming ordinary items into luxury ones, is the designer behind this yacht.

Final Words About the Number of Yachts in the World

Yachts, ranging from thousands traversing the oceans to billion-dollar vessels, offer a glimpse into a world of luxury. The United States and Europe lead in yacht ownership, but the Middle East boasts the biggest and most expensive ones. Whether you dream of yachting yourself or are simply curious about this luxurious lifestyle, the industry offers a fascinating look into luxury and cutting-edge design.

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