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Who Owns the Largest Yacht in the World

The world's largest privately owned yacht is the Azzam, measuring a staggering 590 feet. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE's president, and Abu Dhabi's ruler, owned it. This superyacht, built by Lurssen Yachts, is the longest and one of the fastest, capable of reaching speeds of 30 knots.

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Who Owns the Largest Yacht in the World

Specifications of Azzam Yacht

Here is a quick overview of the specs and characteristics of Azzam, the largest yacht in the world owned by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s family after he died in 2022.

Name Azzam
Owner Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan (he died in 2022)
Built by Lurssen Yachts
Launched on 5 April 2013
Delivered on 9 September 2013
Length 180 meters (590 ft)
Beam 20.8 meters (68 ft)
Draft 4.3 m (14 ft 1 in)
Construction Director Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi
Design Nauta Yachts
Interior Design Christophe Leoni
Main Salon Length 29 m (95 ft)
Top Speed Over 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph)
Power Output 35,048 kW (47,000 hp)
Estimated Cost $605 million

Ownership and Use of Azzam

Who Owns the Largest Yacht in the World

Azzam, meaning ‘Resolute’ in Arabic, is not just the largest yacht in the world but also one of the fastest. If you want to know how far a yacht can travel and at what speed, this large vessel can reach speeds of over 30 knots (about 37 mph), which is quite unusual for a yacht of its size. The speed is due to two gas turbines and two diesel engines, producing a total power output of 47,000hp (35,048 kW) through four pump jets.

There are a number of yachts in the world, each with unique features. However, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan commissioned Azzam, the largest yacht in the world. Some yacht companies in the UAE say Azzam is available for charter without a price. However, according to experts at Yacht Rental in Dubai, it is not available for charter.

Design and Construction of Azzam

Nauta Yachts designed Azzam. Lurssen Yachts built it. And Mubarak Saad Al Ahbabi directed the construction of this yacht. The yacht was designed by Nauta Yachts and built by Lurssen Yachts, with the construction directed by Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi.

The design process of Azzam, the largest explorer yacht, was challenging. Designers focused on creating a sleek vessel with elegant, timeless lines. Despite its size, Azzam has been praised for its balanced and elegant design.

Azzam’s Interior Features

Who Owns the Largest Yacht in the World

The interior of Azzam, designed by Christophe Leoni, remains a closely guarded secret. However, it features an open-plan main saloon that is 29m long and can accommodate up to 36 guests. The yacht has enough space to accommodate 80 crew members. It also includes a wealth of wood furniture intricately veneered with mother-of-pearl marquetry.

Final Words About the Largest Yacht

After the death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2022, we can expect that Azzam will soon have a new owner. Currently, the family of Khalifa bin Zayed uses the yacht for charter and luxurious activities.

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