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Why is the History Supreme Yacht so Expensive

The price of the History Supreme Yacht is $4.8 billion, making it one of the most expensive yachts. It extensively uses precious metals. The manufacturer used over 100,000 kg of platinum and gold in its construction. These expensive metals contribute to the yacht's supreme value.

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Why is the History Supreme Yacht so Expensive

Specifications of the History Supreme Yacht

Designer Stuart Hughes
Owner Robert Kuok, a Malaysian businessman
Construction Time 3 years
Cost $4.8 billion
Length 100 feet
Weight of Precious Metals Used 100,000 kilograms
Materials Used Gold and platinum

Reasons the History Supreme Yacht is so Expensive

Why is the History Supreme Yacht so Expensive

The History Supreme Yacht is one of the most expensive vessels ever built. Here are the reasons that contribute to the higher price of this yacht:

Design and Features

Stuart Hughes is a famous luxury designer who has designed this yacht. It took more than 3 years to complete the design details of the History Supreme Yacht. Some of the most outstanding features are:

  • High-quality railings
  • A lavish dining area
  • A world-class deck area for relaxation

Materials Used

What distinguishes the History Supreme Yacht from other vessels is its extensive use of expensive and precious metals. As mentioned earlier, it has an astounding 100,000 kilograms of platinum and gold used in its construction. So, this extraordinary use of expensive metals extends to each surface on the boat, from the deck and dining areas to railings and anchors.

Unique Additions

The master bedroom of the History Supreme Yacht has the best adornment. For instance, the manufacturer has used meteoric stone and T-Rex Dinosaur bone to adorn the bedroom walls. These unique additions increase the cost and value of the yacht.

Besides, the History Supreme Yacht is 100 meters in length featuring a golden exterior. So this adds aesthetic appeal to the yacht and increases the overall value. The diamond-encrusted furnishings further add a touch of grandeur and luxury to the yacht.

The History Supreme Yacht features a master suite, two VIP cabins, a leisure area, and a lavish dining area, making it a perfect yacht for a party. The yacht’s railings have coats of precious metals. So, all these features contribute to the yacht’s cost and value.

What is the History of Supreme Yacht’s Cruising Range?

Why is the History Supreme Yacht so Expensive

The cruising range is 380 nautical miles. The range is equivalent to 437 miles or 703 kilometers. Keep in mind that the actual distance depends on different factors, such as the speed, sea conditions, and fuel efficiency of the History Supreme Yacht. The size of the yacht also affects the cruising range.

What is the Speed of the History Supreme Yacht?

The History Supreme is a state-of-the-art yacht. It is 330 feet tall, carries 22 guests, and has an awesome speed of 14 knots. So, the luxury, extravagant features, solid gold construction, great length/size/height, and speed make it one of the best yachts that can travel around the world.

Final Words About the History Supreme Yacht

The History Supreme Yacht, priced at $4.8 billion, is a marvel of luxury and design. Its value is derived from the extensive use of precious metals, unique additions, and extravagant features. The yacht’s design, materials, and unique additions like meteoric stone and T-Rex Dinosaur bone contribute to its high cost. With a range of 380 nautical miles and a speed of 14 knots, it stands as a testament to luxury and engineering, making it one of the world’s most expensive yachts.

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