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Melges 24 Worlds 2022

An extremely thrilling, physical, and strategic sport is how we would define the Melges 24 worlds sport. The 2022 world championship was conducted by IM24CA in collaboration with National Melges 24 associations of different countries and other clubs. Let us look at the top highlights of the 2022 event and other updates on the upcoming races.

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Melges 24 World Championship 2022

Who won the championship?

Sailing team Raza Mixta took victory at the Melges 24 Worlds 2022 championship. Led by sailing legend Peter Duncan the champion team included Erik Shampain, Morgan Trubovich, Victor Diaz De Leon, and Matty Pistay. The crew secured their victory ahead of 31 other sailing boats.

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The Corinthian category of the race for the fourth time in a row was led by team Taki who emerged victorious in the event. Members of the crew include Giacomo Fossati, Marco Zammarchi, Pietro Seghezza, Giovanni Bannetta, and lastly, leader Niccolò Bertola.

Melges 24 Worlds 2022 results

Below is a list of all the teams that participated in the Melges 24 worlds and their final positions in respective order.

Melges 24 Worlds 2022 Championship Results
Sailing Team Names Points Scored Crew Leader
Raza Mixta (USA856) 46 points secured Peter Duncan
Zenda Express (USA866) 50 points secured Harry Melges
Monsoon (USA851) 50 points secured Bruce Ayres
Dark Energy (USA864) 51 points secured Laura Grondin
England Ropes (USA820) 52 points secured Bora Gulari
Lucky Dog (USA858) 77 points secured Travis Weisleder
Full Throttle (USA849) 79 points secured Brain Porter
Pacific Yankee (USA865) 83 points secured Drew Freides
Nefeli (GER859) 86 points secured Peter Karrie
Zingara (CAN853) 102 points secured Richard Reid

Although team Full Throttle secured the 6th position during the race, the results were updated later. Due to a penalty, the team dropped one position to 7th, switching its position with team Lucky Dog (lucky indeed!).

Melges 24 Worlds 2023 – Championship dates and location

Melges 24 Worlds Championship

The Melges 24 Worlds Championship 2022 was conducted on May 15th at Ft. Lauderdale. This season witnessed the participation of 5 countries with a total of 31 boats. The 2023 and 2024 season is set to take place on July 1st 2023 and August 15th 2024 respectively.

The 2023 Melges 24 World Championship will be conducted at Middelfart, Denmark, while the 2024 event is scheduled to take place in San Francisco, California, USA.

The locations and dates where the last four championship events were conducted:

  • The Melges 24 Worlds 2018 event was held between May 31st to June 9th in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  • Held in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy, the Melges 24 Worlds 2019 event was conducted between October 5th to 12th
  • In the year 2020, the Melges 24 Worlds 2020 event was held in Charleston, SC, USA, between May 1st to 9th.
  • Last year, the Melges 24 Worlds 2021 championship was held between April 9th and 17th at the same location as 2020.

Guide to the Melges 24 sport

While many of you may know yachting and other sailing sports, the Melges 24 Worlds might be relatively new to you. To give you all an insight into this sport, its inception, and some interesting facts, check out the information below.

When and where did the Melges 24 Sport start?

The Melges 24 Worlds sporting event started in 1998 in England. Buddy Melges is the pioneer behind the famous boat Melges 24. The success of the boat and its advancement in technology paved the way for the sport.

Today, multiple countries take part in the championship events held every year, taking the sport global.


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How many crew members are included in one team?

Location of the Melges 24 Worlds

About 4 to 5 members are included in the crew that participated in the Melges 24 Worlds. It’s all about maintaining optimal weight while racing on these boats.

Too much and you won’t be able to pick up the pace; too little and the waves can massively impact your course. Therefore, the balanced weight is 375 kilograms (825 pounds). People with lightweight physiques accumulate into a team of 5 members. On the other hand, larger personalities make a good team of 4.

Roles of each crew member sailing the Melges 24

Helmsman, tactician, spinnaker trimmer, furl crew, these are the different identities of crew members onboard. We have listed below the functions of each of these members in a 4 and 5-crew setup:

  • Helmsman – The backstay and mainsheet on the sail are handled and driven by the Helmsman
  • Tactician – A tactician trims, or in other words, will adjust the tension of the jib upwards. They also handle the downwind mainsheet on the sail.
  • Spinnaker Trimmer – The spinnaker trimmer is responsible for hosting the chute, provided that they are the largest member of the crew. They also need to hike upwind on the sail.
  • Furl Crew – In a team that includes 5 members, the crew members located at the front of the sail will be responsible for managing the pole and the tackle line while also dousing the spinnaker and furling the jib.

On the other hand, in a team of 4 members, things work slightly differently. The crew seated at the front of the boat will retrieve the spinnaker, furl the jib, and manage the tackle lines. The tactician, at the same time, will pull on the pole, and hold on to the spinnaker sheet before handing it over to the spinnaker trimmer.

A coordinated effort

The entire sport of Melges 24 Worlds is a coordinated action between skilled professionals. They maintain clear communication throughout the race, making all kinds of necessary adjustments every second. One small misjudgment, and the whole effort can be wasted.

Therefore it’s important to stay highly attentive and constantly monitor the waves and winds as you race through. Watching these advanced boats race is extremely exciting. The Melges 24 World championship is definitely one of the most thrilling and adrenaline-packed sporting events.

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Champions of the Melges 24 Worlds event

Melges 24 Worlds 2022 event

Since 2000 the Melges 24 Worlds event has had several champions join its hall of fame. Here’s a list of the most famous sailing champions who have delivered some of the most exciting races in their career.

  • Vince Brun overall champion and Kristian Nergaard Corinthian champion (1998)
  • Italian sailor Giorgio Zuccoli overall champion and Finish sailor Kenneth Thelen Corinthian champion (1999)
  • Harry Melges overall champion (2002)
  • Shark khan overall champion and Italian sailor Egidio Babbi Corinthian champion (2003)
  • Dave Ullman overall champion and Othmar Mueller Von Blumencron Corinthian champion (2007)

Catch the most intense racing event, the Melges 24

From Europe to The United States, the Melges 24 race has reached around the world. It has become a global race that has encapsulated the interest of sailing enthusiasts from all over.

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