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Sirocco Yacht-Features, Specifications, and Price

The popularity of the Sirocco yacht has shot up in recent years after appearing in the reality series Below Deck. This yacht was developed by the well-known shipyard Heesen and features Indonesian decor and state-of-the-art amenities. Here’s a closer look at the yacht’s history, pop culture significance, and charter prices.

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Sirocco yacht sailing

Sirocco yacht- The renowned Below Deck sailing yacht

It was in 2013 that the first episode of the reality show Below Deck by Bravo TV aired. The series traces the lives of the crew members’ luxury superyachts and how they manage the needs of their ultra-rich clients. The Below Deck cast includes TV favorites like Eddie Lucas and Kate Chastain. The show enjoys immense popularity, with Below Deck season 9 and 10 recently aired.

The Sirocco yacht appeared as a Below Deck sailing yacht in the show’s 2nd season and piqued the interest of yachting enthusiasts. Later, the yacht reappeared in the show during the 4th season to popular demand.

How big is the Sirocco yacht Below Deck?

The Sirocco yacht in Below Deck is 154.4 ft/47 m in length. It made sense for the yacht to be featured on the show as it focuses on models bigger than 100 ft.

The impact of Sirocco in the TV series

Sirocco yacht- Below deck sailing yacht

She was shot traveling across the sea in Croatia during the 2nd season, while the charter route was the French Riviera for the 4th one. Both these locations were previously not represented on TV programs before, making the voyages of Sirocco even more iconic. The yacht was portrayed under her own name in both seasons.

In the 18th episode of season 4, called ‘Au Revoir, Sirocco’, the yacht made its final appearance. It is a dramatic episode with issues arising among the crew members and the yacht getting stranded when a boat catches fire nearby. The incidents involving chief stewardess Kate Below Deck are widely watched.

Sirocco yacht specs

Company Heesen Yachts
Year of building 2006
Hull material Aluminum
Maximum passengers 12
No. of cabins 6
Maximum speed 26 knots
Engine type 16 V 4000 M90

The yacht moves at an impressive speed of 26 knots despite being 154 ft in size and has 2 MTU engines. A stabilization system is available that provides passengers a seamless sailing experience. The yacht has an aluminum body, with both the superstructure and hull made of the material. There are 9 crew members available to manage guests onboard this 2006 yacht.

Who owns the Sirocco yacht?

No specific details of the Sirocco yacht owner have been disclosed so far to the general public. All we know is that a European millionaire owns the yacht.

Sirocco yacht price for rental

While it is not currently available for sale, it is possible to charter the yacht as per your needs. While people hope for a day’s charter, it is ideal to book for at least a week to enjoy the luxury amenities onboard to the fullest.

How much does a Sirocco yacht cost?

It is not clear what the exact market price of the yacht is, though experts have pinpointed it as €17,000,000. The Sirocco yacht price for rental depends on the time range that you choose.

Sirocco yacht cost per day

As of now, the motor yacht Sirocco is not available for charter on a daily basis. This makes sense as the yacht is ideal for long charter trips and offers several leisure activities. A day’s trip does not make sense with this yacht. Though, you can find per-day yacht rental in Dubai options for several luxury models.

How much is it to rent a Sirocco for a week?

The prices may vary depending on the season, but the general rates stay the same. Usually, the Sirocco yacht cost starts from €180,000/$179,000 for a week, which does not include expenses.

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Sirocco yacht price per week- more information

You can rent the yacht for a week or more as per your requirements. While this is the Sirocco yacht charter costs during the low season, the prices start from €195,000/$194,000 per week during the high season, excluding expenses.

Passenger capacity of the Sirocco yacht

The yacht has 6 spacious cabins, all of them ensuite. They fit up to 12 passengers. The cabins comprise 1 VIP stateroom, 2 twin cabins, 2 double cabins, and 1 master suite.

Sirocco yacht interior and exterior design

Sirocco yacht interior

The exterior area of the yacht features wide deck spaces with luxury sofas, tables, and a lounge area for guests to relax in. A sun pad, spa pool tub, and jacuzzi are available for passengers hoping to enjoy the summer sun and breeze. The gym is available on the deck area but is partially shaded for passenger convenience.

The Sircoo yacht interior is inspired by traditional Indonesian designs and is the work of the Netherlands-based company Omega Architects. The design is elegant and appealing, with vivid geometric patterns being a common theme. There are classy dining and bar areas available across the yacht that are ideal for hosting semi-formal events with friends and family.

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Things to do onboard the yacht- special features

Sirocco yacht is ideal for long and luxurious charters with friends and family.

Sirocco has a range of luxury amenities, from a fully equipped gym to a luxury jacuzzi. The yacht features a spacious movie theatre for passengers to unwind after a long day. Guests can stay connected to the rest of the world throughout their trip using the high-speed WiFi connection that the yacht offers.

Several water toys are available onboard for passengers who want to explore the adventure opportunities of yachting. This includes waterslides that drop you directly to the sea. They were featured in the Below Deck show, which was exciting for regular watchers. Plus, passengers can enjoy other water activities like jet skis, waterskis, wakeboards, a Seabob, and more. It is possible to explore the deeper waters with the yacht’s snorkeling gear as well. Younger passengers can use the inflatable water toys offered for a good time.

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Where is the Sirocco yacht now?

Sirocco yacht sailing trip

The yacht can usually be spotted floating along the major luxury coastal locations of Europe and the Mediterranean sea. Thanks to its debut in the Below Deck show, the demand for chartering the yacht has significantly increased. The yacht is, therefore, always sailing around across different locations, as follows.

  • Tuscany
  • West Meditteranean
  • St Tropez
  • South of France
  • Spain
  • Portofino
  • Propriano
  • Nice
  • Porto Vecchio
  • Italy
  • Monaco
  • Naples & Capri
  • Cote d Azur
  • Bormes

Sirocco is one of the most glamorous yachts out there, and chartering it is a luxury that not many can actualize. For now, yacht enthusiasts can enjoy the sight of the vessel cruising along the Mediterranean.


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