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Catamaran Cruise Dubai

Explore the coastal views of Dubai on an entertaining and pleasant catamaran cruise. You will find the best catamaran options in the city, with exciting entertainment options, including fine dining. In this article, we have provided you with a detailed guide to Catamaran cruise Dubai.

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Catamaran Cruise Dubai

Catamaran Cruise Dubai

Explore the coastal views of Dubai on an entertaining and pleasant catamaran cruise. You will find the best catamaran options in the city, with exciting entertainment options, including fine dining. Here we will provide you with a detailed guide to Catamaran cruise Dubai.

Top Dubai catamaran cruise facts

Cruising on a catamaran boat has several different perks of its own. The catamaran boats in Dubai are all custom-made to accommodate a large number of people to host dinner parties and other celebrations. Here’s a list of things you can expect from a unique catamaran cruise in Dubai:

  • A pleasant and entertaining cruise
  • Catamaran cruise dinner
  • Catamaran Dubai cruise prices

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A pleasant and entertaining cruise

Cruising on a catamaran is all about indulging in a pleasant and joyful experience. That’s precisely what you feel when you go on a cruise in Dubai. From Dubai Creek to Palm Jumeirah, you can cruise around these beautiful locations with your friends and family.

It’s not just the views you can enjoy but also some special onboard entertainment activities. From live music to traditional dance like Tanoura, a Catamaran cruise is something you can’t miss.

Catamaran Cruise Dubai Price

Catamaran cruise dinner

You can dine on local delicacies or cuisine from different parts of the world. From Indian to Lebanese, the food and beverage options are incredibly delicious and something to savor. Imagine pairing this with all the exciting entertainment onboard, it all sounds tempting.

Catamaran Dubai cruise prices

The cost of cruising on a catamaran is determined by location. Dubai Marina will vary from Dubai Creek. The prices range from AED 50 to AED 100. These are standard costs, excluding additional charges.


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Top locations where you can find catamaran cruise Dubai

Dubai is a city known for its world-renowned landmarks and rich heritage. Not just that, but as a coastal city, there are several beautiful sights to witness. Catamaran cruise services in Dubai are not found in certain iconic locations, as listed below.

  1. Dubai Creek Harbour
  2. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  3. Bluewaters Island, Dubai
  4. Dubai Marina

Those mentioned above are among the four most popular destinations in Dubai where you can find catamaran cruise services. These locations have been strategically chosen as they pose splendid views of the city and the sea.

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Unique catamaran cruise Dubai – Key points to note

Now that you have decided to go on a catamaran cruise in Dubai. Here are all the important things you must know before you go on board.

  • Catamaran cruise timings
  • Cruising duration
  • Age-related details
  • Dining options
  • Onboard dressing requirements
  • Additional pickup and drop-off assistance
  • Advanced booking of tickets
  • UAE holy month details catamaran cruise Dubai

Catamaran cruise timings

Catamaran cruise timings are primarily scheduled in the evenings. It is mainly because the cruise includes a dinner service and other entertaining activities. Starting at 7:45 PM, the boarding times will close by 8:30.

From here on, the catamaran boat you choose will go on a cruise around the predetermined location for a duration of 2 hours, ending at 10:30 PM.

Cruising duration

While the standard cruising duration of a catamaran cruise is 2 hours, it can be customized based on special requests. You must contact the company in advance for any bespoke requirements.

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Age-related details

An adult price is charged for passengers above the age of 9. Between the age of 3 and 9, a predetermined fixed price is charged. Ages below three are allowed to board the catamaran free of cost.

Dining options

The dining experience on a catamaran cruise is certainly unique and one of the highlights of the evening. You can choose to share your table with other passengers or book an entire table for yourself. As mentioned above, these requests are to be informed in advance.

Onboard dressing requirements

No stringent restrictions regarding dressing are imposed. Passengers can wear the attire they are most comfortable with. One particular requirement is that an informal look, wearing slippers and shorts, is not allowed.

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Additional pickup and drop-off assistance

To make the experience fruitful, you can also ask for an additional pickup and drop-off service. This is provided for passengers residing within the city limits of Dubai. It’s important to note an extra charge of AED 30 needs to be paid to opt for this service.

Catamaran Cruise Dinner Dubai

Advanced booking of tickets

If you want to go on a catamaran cruise in Dubai, we advise you to book your tickets 24 hours prior to your travel plans. It is not only to ensure your table availability but will also make things easier for the company. Last-minute ticket bookings are complicated and, in most cases, not accepted.

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UAE holy month details for catamaran cruise Dubai

Islamic holy month and Ramadan are times when catamaran services are unavailable. It is informed in advance, as companies want to satisfy excited customers. Hence, it’s best to plan your catamaran cruise trips accordingly,

What are catamaran boats?

A watercraft that sails on the support of two hulls is known as a catamaran. Traditionally catamaran boat structure was found on sailboats. In recent times catamaran body structures were adapted for full-scale luxury cruisers.

Many popular yacht charter in Dubai manufacturers have produced some of the finest catamaran yachts that have become highly desirable. While traditional yachts with monohulls are popular, dual-hull catamarans are also gaining momentum in the premium watercraft space.

Enjoy a catamaran cruise in Dubai

While there are so many extravagant experiences to indulge in Dubai, cruising on a catamaran is one of them. You can visit some top coastal destinations to find the best catamaran cruising services.

We encourage all our customers and visitors to the UAE to try out different cruising experiences and enjoy a pleasant time in the city. If you are considering traveling or partying on exclusive yachts, we are a top yacht charter Dubai company that you must check out.


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