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Winning Drive Yacht: An exquisite superyacht

Manufactured by US-based yacht builders Westport, the Winning Drive yacht was completed and delivered to its owner in 2012. The yacht takes the 2208th spot in the largest yachts in the world. Westport has ranked it as their 45th largest yacht. Perhaps, there are more exciting aspects of the yacht to look into, which is why we have provided you with a detailed overview.

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Winning Drive Yacht

Winning Drive yacht owner

Steve Bisciotti has been the owner of the Winning Drive yacht since 2012. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bisciotti is estimated to have a net worth of $6.5 billion.

He is the majority owner of the famous NFL team, Baltimore Ravens, and the founder of America’s largest recruiting company, Aerotek. Bisciotti has been an avid enthusiast of yachting and water sporting events. Apart from his multi-million dollar yacht, he is also known to own two Dassault Falcon private jets.

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Winning Drive Yacht Owner

All you need to know about motor yacht Winning Drive

Produced by Westport builders, the Winning Drive yacht was designed by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architecture Ltd. William Garden is the naval architecture.
To give you an insight into the yacht, here are the essentials details you should know:

  • Structural details of the Winning Drive yacht
  • Winning Drive yacht interior
  • Performance of yacht Winning Drive

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Structural details of the Winning Drive yacht

At 39.2 meters (128.6 ft.) long, the Winning Drive yacht has a total volume of 333 gross tonnages. Its beam measures a total length of 7.92 meters (26 ft.), while its draft measures a mere 1.9 meters (6.2 ft.). The hull and the superstructure of the Winning Drive are built using a glass-reinforced plastic material.

Winning Drive yacht interior

The interior of the Winning Drive yacht features 5 luxury guest cabins. These are two double rooms, two twin-bed rooms, and one master suite. These cabins, in total, can accommodate up to 10 guests comfortably.

The yacht also has a crew of 7 members to fulfill the guests’ requirements onboard.


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Performance of yacht Winning Drive

Two 12V 4000 M90 MTU diesel engines power the Winning Drive yacht. They produced a combined horsepower of 5,468 hp. The two engines together produced 4,077 units of kilowatts. This massive power output can haul the yacht to a top speed of 24 knots.

Its adequate cruising speed is 20 knots. The Winning Drive yacht can cover 3,000 nautical miles at 10 knots. A fuel capacity of 9,900 gallons supports this long range.

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Winning Drive yacht location

The Winning Drive yacht is currently located at the Palm Beach port in the United States. It had traveled from Annapolis, United States, and had arrived at the port on October 28th, 2022. The coordinates of the yacht are 26.77829 N / 80.05337 W. As per AIS reports, the yacht currently operates under the United States flag.

Winning Drive Yacht Location

Motor yacht Winning Drive highlights

Let’s take a quick look at all the performance figures, features, and other details about the Winning Drive motor yacht.

Winning Drive Motor Yacht
Length of the Winning Drive 128.6 ft. (39.62 meters)
Draft length of yacht Winning Drive 6.3 ft. (1.9 meters)
Length of the Winning Drive beam 26 ft. (7.92 meters)
Gross tonnage of the Winning Drive 333 GT
Draught max measure 6.3 ft. (1.9 meters)
Country and port of origin United States – Westport, Washington
Builder Westport Yachts
Year of launch 2012
Exterior designers Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect Ltd.
Naval designers William Garden
Hull and superstructure Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
The engine of the yacht 2 X MTU diesel 12V 4000 M90 engines
Power produced The horsepower generated by each engine is 2,734 hp

The total horsepower produced is 5,468 hp

Kilowatt power output Each engine produces a kilowatt output of 2,039

The total kilowatt generated is 4,077

Speed and Range of the yacht 10 knots of speed to achieve a total distance of 3,000 nautical miles with a full tank
Top speed of the Winning Drive superyacht 24 knots
Cruising speed 20 knots
Fresh water storage 6,132 liters (1,619 gallons)
Fuel capacity 37,476 liters (9,900 gallons)
Propellers on the Winning Drive There are a total of 2 propellers on the yacht
Hull type of the Winning Drive Monohull yacht
Number of decks 3 decks in total
Hull configuration of the Winning Drive Semi-displacement type
Yacht class ABS class
Winning Drive yacht owner Steve Bisciotti

Winning Drive motor yacht, a luxurious Westport yacht

Winning Drive Motor Yacht

The name of this superyacht itself expresses a victorious moment which is what the Winning Drive showcases. The combination of this yacht is impressive with its exceptional features and state-of-the-art cruising technology.

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